Tribute to 40 days 13,000 miles

Map of barakade fotografie road trip around perimeter of United States in 2012

Road Trip USA ’12

To many more adventures…40 days, 13,000 miles. 

One year ago today, I returned to the great Northwest after traveling 13,000 miles nearly around the entire perimeter of the United States. Over 40 days, my camera and I experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity. Absolute freedom with only two goals…to be back home 40 days later and to capture as many angles of life as possible. Over the weeks, I smiled A LOT at the beauty God spread amongst our country. I sang my heart out with music blasting and wind blowing on the open road. I even cried…I remember one time in particular when arriving in Key West, Florida, the farthest point in the continental USA that I could get away from home, after being on the road and mostly sleeping in my car and tent for about 3 weeks. Walking into a cozy room in paradise where I decided to take a “vacation” from my road trip was much needed and could not have been at a better place. Pure bliss.

I didn’t meet a whole lot of people over the whole trip, mainly because I was on a mission, and 40 days isn’t a lot of time to soak it all up. I did, however, meet someone who I would like to call a friend. Even though we spent only one day, my new friend Kent and I had so much in common (mainly with photography) and it was such a pleasure to just hang out with someone for the day in Bar Harbor, Maine visiting the colorful Atlantic Puffin birds on a day cruise over the ocean waters. The last portion of my trip was spent with family in the Southwest. This was one of the greatest parts of the trip. It was so fabulous to see nearly every one of my distant family members and spend a couple/few days with each of them. The stretch home passed through the magnificent National Parks in Utah, which was a blessing to end the trip on such a marvelous note. Arriving back home was a relief, but also shocking in a sense. To be back to civilization, back to “the real world,” back from an experience that I knew would only be a memory, and at the same time always be a part of me. A trip of a lifetime, an unforgettable experience, a blessing and a privilege.

I would like to make a salute and encourage us all to dream sideways and pursue living out those dreams; to support and inspire each other; and to love one another like there’s no tomorrow.

Road Trip USA ’12

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