RAW Artist Showcase

Cover photo for Portland RAW showcase on Thursday Sept 12th 2013 featuring Barakade Fotografie


Barakade Fotografie is honored to be a featured artist at the upcoming RAW showcase in Portland, Oregon. The showcase will be a LOT of FUN and will feature a night of Art, Fashion, Music, Film, Hair, Makeup, Photography, and Performing Art at one of Portland’s premier venues!

I’m asking for your support and can’t express how much it means to me.

Please visit www.rawartists.org/barakadefoto to explore my profile and consider purchasing a ticket or two to support my vision to think creatively and dream sideways. To show my appreciation for your support, I’m personally offering a FREE 8×10 print (matted to 11×14) to everyone purchasing two tickets. PLUS, each purchase of two tickets will receive one extra FREE ticket as soon as my 20-ticket sale commitment to the event is reached. Again, I can’t express how much I appreciate your support.

Undiscovered talent is increasingly plentiful in our culture. Starving artist is not just an imaginary term. It’s a reality. Through RAW, this undiscovered talent has an opportunity to be unfolded and draped across a culture thirsty for new creativity.

RAW ‘Natural Born Artists’ Presents: TRANSLATIONS
Thursday, Sept 12th, ‘13 | 7pm | Bossanova Ballroom | 722 E Burnside, Portland, OR

Very Truly Yours! <3
Rob Atkinson | www.rawartists.org/barakadefoto

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