Just a Hiccup



Attention all beloved Fans!

You might have noticed Buy options on the website. This feature was perfect for the galleries. The fulfillment company called Fotomoto providing this service was found with great reviews. However, I’ve received some disappointing news. The company was recently purchased by liveBooks, who has apparently decided to discontinue supporting their services. I’m looking into alternatives. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate your input!

Until further ado, please contact me directly with any interest of purchasing prints. There is a vast amount of prints already matted (some framed, canvas, and metal prints as well!) and I would be more than happy to accommodate any custom requests. All work is created with 100% acid-free materials to last forever!

A great opportunity to decorate your space will be at the Gresham Art Walk on Saturday, July 20th. A Pop-a-DEAL! promotion will be available for Facebook fans. 30% 40% 50% OFF your choice of one matted print, any size! Variety is plentiful. I assure you there’s something for your décor.

More info here: Pop-a-DEAL

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you as a fan. Thanks for all your support and encouragement!

-Rob Atkinson | 503.927.1288 | rob@barakadefoto.com | www.barakadefoto.com

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