Celebration of Light

Vancouver BC presents an annual Celebration of Light event where 3 different countries put on their own unique firework performance. In 2016, the featured countries were Netherlands, Australia, and United States, each on a different mid-summer night.

I made the trip up to BC from Portland for the United States July 3oth performance in 2016, and it was spectacular! In 2017, the featured countries will be Japan, United Kingdom, and Canada on Saturday July 29th, Wednesday August 2nd, and Saturday August 5th. Maybe I’ll make it again!

Arriving early to set up my photography equipment, I found a good spot above the massive crowds on the Sunset Beach Park for a good view of the performance off the English Bay Beach.

The fireworks have been the city’s signature annual event since the inaugural event in 1990.

The celebration has recently brought in over a million spectators over the 3 nights of the event.

Firework photography can be tricky, especially metering for long exposures to capture multiple blasts. It took me a bit of trial and error, but was able to get the settings right and snap away to capture many excellent quality images. Post-production helped remove the firework smoke.

The results from this firework photography adventure were very pleasing, and it was so much fun!

As United States’ Independence Day is approaching, wishing you all a happy and safe 4th of July!

~Celebration of Light~

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